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A place where mums with children who have food allergies come to learn to nourish their children so they can learn, play and grow.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but even in the world of allergies, food elimination does not have to mean food restriction! We live in a world where food is abundant, labels are well written and plenty of food swaps are out there.

Have you had to eliminate foods from your diet because you are breastfeeding your baby with allergies?

Have you experienced feelings of isolation and anxiety when your child first started having symptoms?

Not sure what foods to offer when starting solids?

Struggle to plan and prepare allergen friendly foods that are nutritionally adequate?

Had concerns when your little one started kindy/school?

Have you felt like you weren't supported when your child was diagnosed with allergies?

Mumma, you are not alone.... I want to be your holistic nutritionist and support person so that you don't have to navigate all of this on your own. I have been there, I am still there, I am trained to help you and I WANT to help you.


Hi there, I'm Bec

I’m Bec, Nutritionist, army wife, and mum to a child with multiple diagnosed food allergies. I have been a Nutritionist for 3 years and have worked with Paediatric allergies for 2 years. I am all about making food and mealtimes a positive experience with quick, easy and allergen friendly recipes that balance out your child’s nutrient requirements. I hear over and over from mums of allergy kids that they just want to know how to get more variety, help with fussy eating, avoid eczema flair ups, how to balance meals and what alternatives to use and that is where I come in! I understand how difficult it is to have a child with food allergies and it is not as simple as eliminating food or food groups.


How I Support Allergy Mums Children

We, as mums, want the best for our kids. You may not have all the answers when it comes to managing your little one’s diet with their elimination but you know your child best. You know that with the right support, guidance and information they can learn, grow and thrive without fearing food or recurring reactions. Let’s do this Mumma.


Grow, Nourish & Thrive

Together we will ensure that your little one never has to miss out on HEALTHY and DELICIOUS allergen friendly food, a balanced diet and a healthy growing body. Let’s take the stress and guess work out of the equation and start making moves towards a happier you and healthy baby. Grow, Nourish & Thrive, our signature program for allergy mums. A 3 month nutrition coaching program designed to support you in feeling confident to manage your child’s nutrition needs whilst navigating the world of allergies together.

For the time poor allergy mum


When you are preparing food for someone with an allergy, there is a twinge inside you that feels like they are missing out. I’m here to show you that allergy friendly food can be healthy and delicious. If you need inspiration, look no further than the compilation of recipes I have put together that will delight any tastebud, allergy aware or not.


For the hands on in the kitchen kids

Cooking Workshops

Cooking from scratch is a vital life long skill but thanks to the busy world we live in, can sometimes be forgotten about. If you kids are interested in cooking and you’d like to nurture that interest of theirs, then come along to our in person kids cooking workshops at Body Code Integrative Wellbeing, Bulimba.
For the inquisitive, learning mind

Resource Library

Our nutrition resource library is stocked full of evidence based resources and tools to help support you in the day to day management of having a child with a food allergy.

My Values

Inclusiveness - giving people of all demographics or limitations to access my services

Supportiveness - provide holistic and emotional support and understanding

Integrity - always providing clients with the respect and honesty that they deserve and upholding their health and wellbeing needs to the best of my ability

Family centred - provide a service that creates more positive food experiences, prevent deficiencies and increase overall family health through nutritional guidance and education

Sustainability - giving mums sustainable and practical solutions to achieve their nutrition goals

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