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Registered Nutritionist and first time mum who got sprung with an allergy child……

Everyone remembers the first time they became an 'allergy mum'...

It started when my baby was 3 months old- all the signs were there, discoid eczema, mucous poos, vomiting, hives, blotchy red and dribbly mouth. I was breastfeeding at the time (and continued to do so until Oscar was 21 months) and recall the first trip to my doctor who recommended that I treat Oscar’s ‘ring worm’ with anti-fungal cream. I did this for the next 2 months, every day, whilst washing his towel and bed linen daily to try and remove this supposed ringworm which was, in fact, not ring worm- Oscar had been experiencing allergic symptoms. So, after the months went on and no change to his skin, I took Oscar back to the doctor, who suggested that I remove dairy from my diet. Ok… I did this… no change… At 7 months, after the introduction of solids (and many allergic reactions, paediatric and child health nurse appointments who all said he was a thriving happy baby) Oscar sat on the couch beside me, where I relaxed with some peanut butter on toast; he adamantly wanted some and I thought this time will be ok, Oscar has had peanut butter 3 or 4 times already…nope, anaphylaxis.

Welcome to mum guilt

We arrived at the emergency department, he received antihistamine and after a few hours’ symptoms settled down. In the meantime, I was belt fed information including full EpiPen training and was told to remove all dairy and nuts from my diet and Oscar was referred to an immunologist.
Skin prick tests determined anaphylactic to Cow’s Milk Protein, Peanuts, and tree nuts and from there on I was thrown into the wide world, after being told “introduce the rest of the nuts now, there is only a short window and start Oscar on the Milk Ladder, oh and eliminate these foods from both of your diets”. Umm… what? 

I was not given a single number to call for a Dietitian or Nutritionist to tell me what foods to eat or how I was going to make sure Oscar didn’t become deficient in vitamins and minerals; and how did I not become deficient as his breastfeeding mum? Did I mention that I am an army wife and am often alone for all these appointments and allergic reactions? This was my introduction into the world of allergies. Thank god, I repeatedly remind myself, that I am a qualified Nutritionist and landed on me feet with regards to what we needed to eat to avoid deficiencies and maintain healthy growth and development.

But what about other mums??

What about the people who don’t have that training, do they know who to call, what to do, where to start? That’s why I started Be Well Nutrition. Fast forward 9 months and Oscar is a growing, happy, and thriving toddler who attends daycare. I prepare all his meals for him and have gotten the swing of this allergy thing (rhyme intended) and that is what I want to share with you. I want to take the many excruciating months of guess work out of your world and be the person that you can call to tell you what you need to eat, welcome you into the beautiful world of abundant foods that your baby CAN eat and not have to miss out or risk being deficient due to an allergy or multiple allergies.
Let's go on the journey together
All children with allergies deserve the opportunity to eat a balanced and varied diet, despite the exclusion of foods. Are you ready to be armed with the tools you need to make healthier food choices, reduce stress and improve health through a range of allergen friendly recipes and nutrition counselling?

How I Support Allergy Mums Children

We, as mums, want the best for our kids. You may not have all the answers when it comes to managing your little one’s diet with their elimination but you know your child best. You know that with the right support, guidance and information they can learn, grow and thrive without fearing food or recurring reactions. Let’s do this Mumma.
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