Grow, Nourish & Thrive

Supporting mums navigating food allergies with their kids

Dear food allergy mumma

You're not alone. Let's do this together so your little one can grow, nourish and thrive.

You are in safe hands and together we will ensure that your little one never has to miss out on HEALTHY and DELICIOUS allergen friendly food, a balanced diet and a healthy growing body.
Has your child just been diagnosed with a food allergy and you’re wondering now what?

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you noticed mucosy poo’s, rashes, vomiting, eczema or poor growth and weight gain in your child and unsure if they are all related?

Concerned your child’s growth and development isn’t on track because of their limited intake?

Are you worried that your child is missing out on important nutrients with their eliminations due to allergies?

Does your child’s food world appear to be getting smaller and smaller day by day?

Are you feeling overwhelmed about what to feed your little one?

Let's take the stress and guess work out of the equation and start making moves towards a happier you and healthy baby.

Let's take a minute to think about your journey as an allergy mum so far....

From the very first mucous poo, the reflux, the eczema flair up, the hives and blotchy faced baby and sadly your child’s first anaphylactic reaction. You have spent hours, days, months and possibly years trying to figure it all out, trying to feed your child and with little holistic support or guidance along the way. Diet elimination isn’t even the hardest part, it is knowing what to replace those foods with so that you know your baby is getting adequate nutrition for their growth and development. This is where I come in, to take the guess work out for you and not only save you time and money but be the supportive and understanding nutritionist that you haven’t had along your journey so far.

Hello and welcome

fellow food allergy mumma and problem solver

I am Bec, your Food Allergy Nutritionist, fellow food allergy mumma and problem solver. I am a Qualified Nutritionist, mum of a toddler with food allergies and an army wife. I have used my many years of study and training to work around my son’s anaphylaxis to Cow’s Milk Protein, nuts and various fruits and vegetables to ensure that he is a thriving, healthy and happy boy. My husband was deployed when our son had his first anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and it hasn’t been my first medical emergency without any immediate help or support, so I truly know how difficult the world of allergies is. I became a Nutritionist because I wanted to help people and then I became an allergy mum and my focus shifted to really wanting to give other allergy mum’s the tools and support they need to navigate this challenge. I am regularly told how well my toddler eats and is more than thriving and I want to share my knowledge with you!

Welcome to my Signature Program
Grow, Nourish and Thrive

Supporting mums navigating food allergies with their kids.

This Program is for you if you need to confidently know how to provide your child with a balanced and nutritionally adequate diet, despite food eliminations. Being able to nourish your child and give them a wide variety of foods has never been so important. Like every other mum, you want to be able to watch your child learn, play and grow, regardless of their food allergies.

Join Grow, Nourish & Thrive, our signature program for allergy mums. A 3 month nutrition coaching program designed to support you in feeling confident to manage your child’s nutrition needs whilst navigating the world of allergies together.

What you'll get

1. Initial assessment (60minutes)

2. Review appointments (45minutes)

3. Workshop invitation

grow, nourish & thrive

    - Between appointment Voxer support
    - Guide to eating away from home with allergies
    - Collection of allergy friendly recipes
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At the end of our time together, you will be able too



frequently asked questions

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? I consult weekly from BodyCode in Bulimba but don’t let distance be a barrier to connecting with me as all my services are offered as virtual appointments also

HOW DO YOU TAKE PAYMENT? One upfront payment of $329 prior to commencing our 3 month program is required however if you need a payment plan, please discuss with me individually

WHAT IF I NEED TO CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT? Any cancellations that occur 24 hours or more before the scheduled time are able to be re-booked at no additional cost to the client. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours you will be charged 50% of the scheduled fee. Clients who make a booking and subsequently fail to present for their appointment (and have not contacted the clinic to cancel their appointment) will be charged the full fee

This sounds amazing, exactly what I need!

I cannot wait to work with you to help my little one grow, nourish and thrive!